tectonics: (Never mind the furthermore)

You see, I've got this soul and it's all fired up

I will strike you with desires of fault lines; I'll take you on!

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Birthdate:Aug 20
This is Maxie.

His full first name may or may not be ridiculously complicated. Maybe it's something distinguished, like Maximilien; maybe it's Maxie, just Maxie, and all of you using it as a nickname for something are just imposter-Maxies. But you can go ahead and use it for yourself if you want; he doesn't particularly mind. As long as you call him that, it doesn't matter in the end; he's important enough to know who he is.

After all, he's the boss of Team Magma, and hopefully you didn't really need all that ocean - what would you want it for, anyway? The world could benefit from more land around here.

Also, he's terribly sorry, but he hopes you weren't under the impression that your thoughts on the matter were important. It's for the best, after all; don't you see?

...ah, whatever. You never see, do you?

Interests (74):

apparently teasing the shippers, apparently i was colorblind that day, arguing about nothing, being better than you, being surrounded by morons, but that's stupid, calligraphy, camerupt, classy sons of bitches, copious amounts of alcohol, crobat, damage control, defeating team aqua, did i offend you?, disproportionate retribution, drills that pierce the...mantle, everything explodes, everything is flammable, expanding the land, ffs, good job!, groudon, hating the cold, hell if i know, hoenn, how are you not dead yet, how fabulous, hugging trees i suppose, i am fucking amazing, i am yelling!!, i'm not crazy kthx, intensifying sunlight, intricate cave systems, kicking people into crevasses, leeroy jenkins strategy, let's do this thing!, live volcanic activity, lots of collateral damage, massive explosions, mightyena, molotov cocktails, my logic is arbitrary, no1curr, not team aqua, not you meddling kids, of course it's awesome, of course that'll work, oh dear god why, oh well that's...bad, orbs!!, plate tectonics, polite yet threatening notices, probably shouldn't do that, pyrotechnics, random and convenient meteors, sarcasm, savage destruction, science totally works like that, screw the sea i have land, stay mad, stealing your rocket fuel, stupidly elaborate sabotage, talking down to legendaries, team magma, team magma is superior, that's a rivalry-not hoyay, that's actually pretty cool, tremendous murderbeasts, volcanic eruptions, wait...*red* orb?, what the hell archie, why would you even, you are an idiot, your argument is invalid

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